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Dragon Hunt 2014 by EvilDemonCat
Dragon Hunt 2014
OMG I got this done!!!! You don't know HOW long this took! It started with Greyscale and Smaug, then I got SERIOUSLY inspired for all of them, so one large entry! 

For:  Annual Dragon Hunt 2014 - Autumn Edition -With the wave of activities taking up the summertime, the Dragon Hunt had to be pushed back. Not that the dragons mind, of course. In fact, I think they were hoping we'd forget all together! Never fear, the event is finally here. Let's get to it!
General Show Rules:
The Goal:
Retrieve a special piece of treasure otherwise guarded by the dragon. Once defeated in a fair fight, the dragon will allow you to enter the lair and choose a single item to prove your victory to the Queen. However, accidents happen, so be careful when facing off against a dragon and remember: it may not be easy to retrieve your token. Lairs may be underwater, hidden deep beneath the earth, or high up in the mountains. Be prepared!
The Weather:
Overcast, steadily darkening clouds throughout the day. Chances of snow are high. The trees have turned to vibrant shades of reds and golds, leaving branches bare where they've begun to fall in earnest. The mountains are hea

Story~ 2046 words

Dragon Hunt 2014


Amadeaus grinned as he signed the documents, authorizing some visiting horses and some DAS horses to go to the annual Dragon Hunt. He asked for volunteers earlier that week, and they’d spent the week training the horses and getting them prepped.

“Chosen for this year’s hunt are Revelations Ranch’s Rising Hearts and Greyscale, Toasted Bone Stables’ Thackary Binx, and our own Qixaruq Sisuuq, Angel of Ecstacy, and Beast Mode. Going with them will be Kachina, Emilio, Jhan’irin, Lucifer, Kristofer and Constantine. The pairings are as follows. Kristofer will be alone on Greyscale, Lucifer on Hearts paired with Jhan and Qi, Constantine on Thackary with Kachiana and Beast Mode, and Emilio with Angel. Now, there are four terrains we can go to, I have entered each of us into different areas.” The white haired shapechanger explained.

Emilio nodded. “Sounds fun, I lay dibs on the caves, I’ll get some lanterns to bring.” The dragon grinned. He was a dragon though currently in human form.

Lucifer smiled. “The Atlanticus team can handle the sea dragon, Jhan can help keep the waves calm.” He said.

“I like the idea of the tabbies taking the forest dragon.” Kachiana said, her green eyes scanning the map.

“That leaves me with Greyscale. It’s too bad Shadowmere is unavailable.” Kristofer said with a nod.

Amadeaus nodded. “Come the trailers await, go get packed up, we have a few days until the actual hunt.” He said.

A snort sounded from a ways back, unheard by the gathering. Smaug the more dragon like horse flicked his tail angrily. He’d been itchin for a huge fight and was determined to not be left behind.

A few days later, each team was settling in, all excited for the upcoming hunt. No one knew that Smaug had followed.

Soon, the day of the hunt was upon them, each team setting out.

In the morning, Greyscale and Kristofer were moving along at a good pace, no sign of the dragon that was supposed to be where they were. The gelding was moving nicely under the saddle, currently calm and collected, but then, there was no dragon around.

“It’s all good boy, I don’t care if we find the beastie or not.” The feline youth said, patting the dark hide. They moved through the early morning fog, the light just bare enough to see. Neither noticed the shadow fly over head, though Greyscale’s ears flipped a bit. Soon, there was a massive roar that spooked the Joker, causing him to rear up and catch Kristofer by complete surprise. He was thrown from the saddle as Greyscale took off.

“GREYSCALE! Oh shit if I lose this horse I’m fucked….” He grumbled as he tried to follow the fleeing horse.

Greyscale slid to a halt as the pale dragon appeared in front of him and launched his blue tinted fire at him. He reared up and danced away from it before he took off again. The dragon continued to toy with his prey, thoroughly enjoying it. Soon, he caught up to Greyscale and readied to claim his prize. Greyscale ducked his head, anticipating the worst when he heard the pained cry of the dragon, causing his head to flip up to look.

To his surprise, another draconic being had engaged the flying beast, and was quite vicious. It was Smaug. The peafowl stallion had decided only HE was to terrorize the other horses, and like hell he’d let the pale dragon destroy the gelding. The two aerial combatants clashed, blood and fur spilling as each exchanged blows. Soon, Smaug got the upper hoof, biting deep into the sensitive membranes of the dragon’s wing, causing it to shriek.

“There you are….” Kristofer huffed as he caught up to the trembling and sweaty gelding. He caught the reigns and watched. “Damn, thanks Smaug. Don’t die.” He said, watching as the dragon retreated back into the mountains, Smaug on his tail. Kristofer swung back up into the saddle and urged the still recovering horse towards them. He remembered hearing that once the dragon was beaten in a fight, it would relinquish one treasure to prove they’d succeeded. He got off the horse at the entrance to the beast’s lair, and trotted inside, finding Smaug, on his side, huffing, blood around the battered horse. “Don’t worry boy, we’ll get ya help…” eh said as he looked around. He grinned when he chose his treasure, a vial of healing potion.

“Are you sure you wish to choose that one? You will have nothing to show for it.” The dragon said from his perch.

“I’m sure, the lives of the horses are worth more than all the treasure in this room.” He said.

The white head nodded. “Very well.” He said as he moved deeper, leaving the three to recover, and for Smaug to start healing.

Lucifer and Jhan rode towards the beach. Both soon dismounted.

“Alright, we gotta let the horses go in first, and lure the beast out.” Lucifer said, Jhan nodding as he gave the two horses the Oceanpearl potion. “Go.”

The pair went in, shifting to survive underwater. The stocky Qi led the way, soon coming upon a deep sea cave. He nodded and they went in, silent, watching and listening for the massive serpent they were supposed to face. Hearts stopped and stared as a pair of eyes opened and a deafening roar could be heard. The pair turned and barreled out of there as fast as they could, a pair of jaws nearly grabbing Qi’s tail as they hurried to the surface.

Meanwhile the pair of riders were pacing. “They’ve been down there a while….” Jhan said, a bit worried.

Lucifer looked over at the drow. “I know, but we must have faith in them while we wait for them.” He said.

Jhan only nodded quickly, worry on his black face. Soon he spun as the pair of white horses came tearing out of the water, the potion wearing off as they hit the air. Hot on their heels was the beast rising up, sending a huge spray of seawater. “HOLY CRAP!” he cried out, grabbing one side of the huge net.

Lucifer grabbed the other and tried to get it in position. He whistled, calling the horses over, the pair charging through the sands. The dragon was as agile on land as on the water, and he was pissed. Qi went flying as a hoof got caught in the net, landing on his side. Lucifer yelped and ran in, trying to free the struggling stallion as the dragon came upon them, and soon all three were tangled in the net. The dragon roared out and struggled, his huge tail thrashing. Lucifer was somehow able to get Qi free, but his hind leg had been injured, and he limped away, blood staining his white hide.

Jhan hurried over to him, and healed the horse as he turned to watch his father in law struggle to free himself, without freeing the dragon. Lucifer had shifted sizes, now much larger, and was fighting the dragon, still tangled. The dragon was enraged and was fighting just as viciously. After what seemed like eternity, the pair stopped moving.

“You win….. You have bested me in combat, you may choose your treasure….” The dragon’s watery voice softly said. Jhan moved over and freed them both, the dragon getting up and lifting a fin, showing a bleeding, but alive, Lucifer.

“I wouldn’t mind one of your gems, if they can come off.” The demonling mewled, looking at him. The dragon nodded and leaned down, pulling a gem off his body, and handing it to Lucifer.

“Go, show your victory.” He said as he turned and leaped back underwater, disappearing beneath the waves.

Lucifer smiled at his prize and put it in his pocket and grabbed Hearts’ reigns. Jhan grabbed Qi’s and together they started back.

Kachina and Constantine wandered the forest. “Now, I’ve heard this dragon is extremely hard to locate.” She said, her elven eyes sharp.

The male demon nodded. “Yeah.” He said. The pair, on the tabby stallions, started up a small hill, soon stopping at the top to look around. “We’ve looked over this huge forest, and I’m not seeing a dragon.” He said.

“Amadeaus wouldn’t have given us false coordinates.” She said.

After a moment the ground trembled, causing the stallions to rear and cry out. “UNDER US!” Constantine cried out. Kachiana got Beast off the back of the dragon as he pushed up, but Thackary had fallen off, landing on Constantine, knocking him out. He stood up and shook off, riderless, the dragon staring him down.

“Easy boy….” Kachiana whispered as she drew her bow. “Keep his attention.” Thackary tossed his head, wanting to lead the dragon away from Constantine. Soon, the dragon let out a roar as Kachiana’s arrow hit home, not a killing shot, but it hurt. The beast whirled and snarled at the elf who urged Beast Mode to run, his brilliant tack keeping the dragon’s attention. Thackary moved over and stood over the unconscious Constantine, not about to leave him vulnerable.

The dragon chased Beast and Kachiana through the forest, causing her to miss quite a few shots. Soon, he had them cornered, Beast rearing up and pawing, one hoof catching the beast’s cheek. He roared and started to bear down on them. He soon cried out in outrage as Thackary landed on his back and started stomping on his head. He leaped off before he got seriously hurt.

Kachiana aimed and shot, one arrow hitting it’s mark, the dragon’s eye. He howled in pain. “I CONCEDE! YOU WIN!” he shrieked. “You may choose a treasure from my lair. Follow.” He said as he started off, stopping to pick up Constantine. “And you may rest.”

Kachiana followed with the two horses. Once inside, Constantine was settled on a small bed, and Kachiana chose their treasure, a small necklace. She sat down and waited for her companion to wake up.

Emilio whistled at the size of the entrance to the cave he and Angel were to enter. He lit two lanterns and they started in. “Damn, Angel, this nearly rivals my lair.” He said as he looked around. The cave was silent, despite the dripping of water into stagnant pools around, and the soft beating of Angel’s hooves. The singer’s violet eyes were scanning the darkness, looking for the large beast that lived there.

Soon, Angel stopped short, just as he leaped down from a ledge and landing hard, lifting his head and unleashing a gout of flame. Emilio cried out, bringing one hand up to shield his eyes as he finally saw the massive beast. “Run Angel!” he cried out, urging the Moulin stallion to run, deeper into the tunnels.  He knew dragon caves, and figured where to go, the dragon hot on their heels. A deafening crash sounded as the beast’s hard head collided with a rock, sending pieces and dust over them.

Emilio ducked down as they went through a narrow opening, the dragon charging right through it. “Dammit, I thought that’d work…” he grumbled as they rounded a corner, coming to a steep drop. “Fuck.” He said as he turned Angel around.

The dragon came around the corner, flames licking at the edges of his mouth. “When I say so, jump…” he said, giving a Gold wing potion to the horse. His large wings appeared, and the dragon unleashed his fire. Angel leaped up, flapping, his wings getting singed, but missed the fire. The dragon charged after them, not seeing the drop and slid off, rolling and thudding at the bottom of the chasm. The pair drifted down and landed on the stunned dragon. Emilio slid off, and grabbed a stone, and pulled it from him, then got back on Angel and they took off.

“Good luck getting out of there, I win.” He said, the pair starting out, listening to the roaring of the enraged dragon.

They were nearly back when a deep rumbling could be heard, and soon, the dragon was upon them again, then stopped them. “That was a dirty trick, using my own cave against me, you are worthy of that treasure.” He grumbled, then returned to his home.


041 Greyscale +7 kaaring
7385 Rising Hearts +7 kaaring
4232 TBS Thackary Binx +7 kaaring
2782 DAS Qixaruq Sisuuq +7 kaaring
4558 DAS Smaug the Terrible +7 kaaring
6354 DAS Angel of Ecstacy +7 kaaring
7432 DAS Beast Mode +7 kaaring

Refs used:

STOCK - Friesian Show 2012-68 Beast Mode
Andalusian Stallion - 55 Angel
gray andalusian 1 Hearts
friesian joschi rearing Qi
FR Friesian front canter head up eyes back Thackary


Paint Tool Sai
Photoshop CS6
5+ days

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Today, at 10:40ish AM Pacific time, a gunman opened fire in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria, in Marysville Washington. The gunman was a freshman football player and wrestler, a popular kid who was in the Homecoming court. No motive has been found. Two are dead, and four in the hospital with gunshot wounds. The gunman is one of the deceased, he turned the gun on himself. One of the injured was taken to Harborview Medical center, and the other three are at Providence in Everett, two have head wounds. Keep them and their families in your prayers that they will recover.

This strikes home more, as I live just 40 minutes south of the shooting. You never think that it will happen in your own state, and so close.

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